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Lets Talk Carpal Tunnel!...

Share your carpal tunnel story

  1. I've symptoms of carpal tunnel on and off for several years. Have worn wrist guards at night at times. What's your story?

    1. I see... For a while I notice that my fingers movement will take a while to open/close until I've to straighten them out. Am sure is a nerve problem.

      1. I've had carpal tunnel since I was pregnant 19 years ago.4 years ago I had the surgery on my right hand. Since then I've had a botched cholecystechtomy and been diagnosed with hashimotos hypothyroidism, then RA then fibro and lung disease. So far I've not been well enough to have the left hand surgery and it seems pointless now as my right hand rapidly became crippled with the RA after surgery anyway. Can barely use my hands. Some days I couldn't even type this x

        1. Oh Cassandra, you've been through quite a lot! 🙁 Glad you could type this though and tell your story. Did carpal tunnel surgery help your right hand?

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