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LGL LEUKEMIA Diagnoses with RA

Has anyone been diagnosed with LGL leukemia who as RA? Was on biologics and white blood cell count dropped and would not come up. Two biopsies determined LGL leukemia—T cell issue. Told found in people with auto immune issues.

  1. Wow, that sounds like a big diagnosis. I’m not familiar with LGL. The complexities of autoimmune disease seem never ending. I hope someone in our community can help you with more info and that you get excellent, compassionate healthcare. With hope and best wishes, Jo (moderator)

    1. Hi Sandy,
      We have many different autoimmune diseases in the family and I had an uncle with leukemia, I'm not sure if it was lgl. He lived out of my state but had a good long life. I am sorry to hear that you have RA , also. Take care and know that I feel for you. Love, elirose

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