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Looking Comfortable Shoes for Arthritis Patient

My father has arthritis problem and have some foot issues, Doctor recommended him to comfortable shoes/slippers from now on. I am looking some good store to find some good shoes that will fit him and will not create pain in bones, I wish you guys can help me??

I want some decent and comfortable shoes that he can wear without any harm and can walk outside easily.

  1. I did an online search for comfortable shoes but having confusion as I am not aware with that I found this site ( ) have good collection of shoes and details about diabetics/orthopedic related patients. However as I am noob for this I need your suggestions to find the best solution.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Michael. So glad to see that you are trying to help your father. Shoes and feet are a common issue for many in the community. In this video one of our contributors offers ideas for clothing and shoes for RA: If you look at the comments section on this piece on favorite shoes, you will see some ideas from the community: Hopefully some community members will chime in here with some thoughts. Wishing you and your father the best. Richard ( Team)

        This is my second pair of these slippers. The first pair wore out but no quicker than any other pair of slippers and lasted at least as long. They are so comfortable, I look forward to putting them on when I come home each evening.

        I can't recommend them enough - they really do help with foot pain and discomfort from plantar fasciitis.

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