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Loose Joints?

I am waiting to see a rheum for RA but also a geneticist for potential Ehlers Danlos.. (connective tissue issue).. not sure which one i am dealing with yet.. sometimes i feel like it's more connective tissues but i havent been "sick" since birth nor have i dislocated anything.. although im pretty certain my joints are hypermobile...

anyhoo.. my question i am trying to ask is if "loose" joints are every associated with RA.. or maybe i just think they're loose and they're actually tight...

i snack, crack and pop everywhere.. and i havent seen that as a usual symptom of RA..


  1. Hi Kateshandshurt! I am sorry you are dealing with joint issues. I hope your appointments yield a clear diagnosis for you. While RA is generally associated with tight joints, I cannot say for certain that no one in our community has experienced loose joints. I know that people with OA (osteoarthritis) and RA do experience the "snap, crackle, pop" phenomena with their joints. Here is some information on the more common joint issues someone with RA may deal with --

    Coincidentally, I happen to know someone with Ehlers Danlos. Actually, her teenage son was diagnosed first, then she was. Hers is considered a "mild" case of EDS, so she had no clue that she had it until she realized some of the symptoms her son was experiencing were similar to her own issues that she had written of as being flexible or just getting older, etc.

    I do hope you can get a proper diagnosis and treatment soon!

    Best, Erin, Team Member.

    1. Hi Hateshandshurt. On top of the excellent information from Erin, thought you might be interested in this article from one of our contributors looking at how RA can attack connective tissues: Hope you get some answers soon and know you are always welcome here for support and information. Best, Richard ( Team)

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