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How common is lower back pain?

I'm sero-positive diagnosed Jan this year. On 15mg Methotrexate subculture weekly. Worked well until pharmacy filled Rx with drug from different company. Flare in hands and knees, lower back and neck. My PCP believes lower back pain is RA related but none of the Rheumy's do. Would live to hear from real people in the trenches as it seems like a no brainer that RA would hit all synovium.

  1. I don't know if back pain is from RA or not. It doe's feel fine in morning but by the time I do a few things it gets very bad.

    1. Hi RAwithHope! I am sorry you are experiencing back pain. I have to echo sharoncookie57's words and say that I do not know for certain if your back pain is RA-related. However, since RA attacks joints, among other things, it makes sense that an individual could experience pain in almost any joint, including in the back (as you mentioned in your comment). You might be interested in this recent infographic created from our members' feedback -- 52% of our community members stated that they experienced back pain, potentially related to RA. In addition to medications that may be used to manage RA-related pain, you may want to consider other methods of pain management, some of which you may have already tried -- I do hope it helps to know you are not alone in this! I hope you get some relief from your flare very soon. Best, Erin, Team Member.

      1. Thank you both. I appreciate knowing I'm not alone. The links will be helpful too

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