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Managing side effects from COVID vaccine

Hi guys.
New member here.
I am researching for my 65 year old mother, diagnosed with RA, and on Humira every 14 days.

I just have several questions for those of you who have received the COVID vaccine.

1. Would NSAIDs be effective in reducing side effects of COVID vaccine? If so, how much e.g. did your symptoms get reduced by 10%? 50%? Which NSAID did you take? How effective would Tylenol [not an NSAID] be in mitigating the symptoms?

2. Have you guys heard anything about taking NSAIDs interfering with the COVID vaccine’s effectivity? If so, how much would it really undermine the protective effect of the vaccine?

3. Would steroids help in terms of symptomatic relief? If so, how much?

4. Would NSAIDs and steroids prevent/mitigate any RA flare ups?

5. What effect can the COVID vaccine have, can it cause a flare up of disease in people with autoimmune disorders like RA?

Thanks in advance and looking forward to hearing more about your experience.

  1. All good questions, unfortunately there are better asked to a physician. Since none of us here are physicians we woudl be remiss in attempting to answer these as they pertain to treatment of RA or the prevention of COVID-19.

    I can say that in my case, I use NSAIDS each day and do find them helpful for treatment of RA. I also have heard some mixed messages related to using NSAIDS, and COVID - 19. The link to the paper i found is below:

    Because I have type 1 diabetes I do not use steroids except in extreme circumstances. I did find a paper related to the use of corticosteroids and significant cases of COVID -19. This is the link to the paper I found.

    I am afraid I am not much help. I woudl take it up with your moms rheumatologist.

    rick - moderator

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