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What are the pros and cons of using medical marijuana for RA?

Today is some better than yesterday. My ankle is still in pain and walking is no fun, but I have to get something done. My hips started this morning trying Biofreeze. Loving the sun and 50° in WNY. Light wind so it’s a beautiful spring morning. Looking forward to being in the sun it feels so good on my joints.

Medical marijuana for rheumatoid arthritis

I was wondering people’s opinion of medical marijuana? I have my card but I’m really not sure if it helps or maybe I’m not doing the right kind. Any information would be appreciated pros and cons. I’ve never been a marijuana person so if it works for RA I’m willing to consider it… thanks in advance Ricky.

  1. Hi ! Thanks for your question! I always appreciate seeing your activity and participation on our site 😀 While you wait for others to chime in with their individual experiences around medical marijuana, I did want to share some resources and articles including personal experiences we have on the site around this topic: I hope these help! -Alesandra ( Team)

    1. Thank you

      1. Dean, i believe that Indiana will be the 161'st state in the US to legalize Medical Marijuana. I know we all know that there are only 50 states.

        Yeah, I would say the 161st is about right,, maybe it will be 151, but +-10 is not a big deal. 😀

        1. Hahaha too funny Mr. Phillips. I'm not a marijuana person, but if it helps medically then I'm all for that. I'm just wondering if there is a combination that's best when it comes to CBD and THC. I know CBD has the healing properties so what is the THC for? I'm assuming to get your mind off the pain? Idk if I'm making any sense lol most time. I've tried some things here in NY. They dont have much option it's a pill (which makes me nauseous) or a dropper you put under your tongue. Then there is the vape pen (that makes me cough way too much) then there is one they call an edible (LOL) it's a little tablet you let dissolve under your tongue. So really not much option. I tried so of the many vast medical marijuana in Vegas while I was there for a week on my wife and I anniversary last year. Vegas has everything and I found some things that worked descent. Anyhow looking for where to start CBD vs THC what best method of consumption. Maybe my original question was worded wrong. Thank you everyone. Ricky

      2. Hi ,

        Great question! I think medical marijuana differs for everyone but it's worth a shot to see how you like it. I would recommend going to a dispensary and asking them questions/advice on the best option for you. Although, here's my take on it:

        If you don't have any experience with marijuana, I would start with CBD. It has the same effects as THC without the euphoric effects. Read here on the difference:

        Topical CBD/THC has never really worked for me but some people say that it does work and they prefer it because you don't have to injest it.
        There's also CBD/THC oil which is an easier way to injest it (usually under the tongue) but again this doesn't work that well for me.
        Then there's 'edibles' which are treats with marijuana in them. Definitely the easiest/yummiest way to experience the effects of being high without smoking but this can be very intense if you don't take the right dosage. I would talk to the pros at the dispensary about this.
        Lastly, and what works best for me, is smoking a little bit (CBD or THC) from a 'pen' or a 'piece'. This does take getting used to because you're inhaling smoke but it's the most effective way of relieving pain for me.

        Like I said before, I think everyone's experience is going to be different but there is the possibility that it can have profound effects for pain management.

        I'd be interested to know how it goes for you! I hope this helps.

        All the best,
        Franki ( Team)

        1. Thank you I'll look more into it. Thank you for the website to check out. I have my card and have used it a coupletimes. I just dont know if it helped or not. I didnt know if there were certain things better for RA or if it's just an experimental thing. Thank you again.

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