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Anyone know of discount program for meds?

Waiting for insurance company to decide medication faith!!

My rheumatologist has written a letter and requested for the second time for me to try a new medicine..enbrel. Problem insurance company wants me to take max of methotrexate which I've done. Got samples from rheumy. Now debating to take or wait for approval. Anyone know of discount program for meds? Or assistive devices? (Also need cane). Thanks

  1. Hi QTPie. The medication approval game can certainly be frustrating. Most of the RA drug manufacturers have copayment assistance programs. My wife participated in programs for several biologics, including Enbrel. Your doctor should be able to help with this or you can contact the manufacturer directly (they usually have info on the programs online). This article form one of our contributors, while a little dated, looks at assistance programs for RA patients: Best, Richard ( Team)

    1. Thanks for the information!

  2. Piggy backing on what Richard said, I also used a copayment assistance program for Enbrel. Getting approval is always a fun game but if you and your rheumatologist have "ticked all the boxes" for approval, fingers crossed!

    1. Thanks for the information!

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