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Methotrexate and mental health

Hello everybody
I am on week 3 of 20 mg dose and I am feeling awful. The usual pain but on the side a serve of depression, horror nightmares and moodiness.
I am loathe to continue but my specialist will not even consider a biological until I have completed 12 weeks on 2 DMARDS. I couldn't handle Arava before methotrexate as it also made my mental health awful.
Thoughts comments advice please?
Feeling so down and crappy. Bit sick of myself!

  1. Most everyone has this requirement. Mine told me first off that i had to last 6 months before we could get to a biologic. Like you I was miserable. But i found that as time went on things got better. I was so ill for the first 4 weeks. It is worth it to stick it out.

    Consider asking your docotr for increased dosages of Folic Acid. It is not something that helps immediately. But when it does work, it can lessen some of the issues. You might also ask using Sulfasalazine. A third common DMARD. It is generally far better tolerated.

    1. I have been on Methotrexate for a year now and take Folic Acid everyday. The first month or two I felt horrible but now I can manage the day. I am also on Hydroxychloroquine and I think that makes a difference too. I have found it always does take a few months on a new medication to really see how it will affect me.

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