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Mitigating RA elbows

Dr says "sustained flare" and added longer taper of prednisone. Helping overall but it seems like the flare has settled in my elbows. At rest it feels Like someone is inflating a tire inside my joint plus sharper pain with use. And having tingling pain in pinky ring finger so nerves are affected. Can't believe how much I take the elbows for granted! Trying to start working from home again but limited to an hour or so at computer before elbow/wrist/hand pain shuts me down.

I'm rotating through all the tools in the toolbox, but none really helping yet and some (heat, tens) making it worse this time. What has worked for you to mitigate RA's impact to your elbows?

  1. gfmartha,
    Sorry for the delayed response in answering your question.
    While pain is a common symptom as you may know, we always ask our community members what helps them manage the pain on the bad days here is a video/article that may help: Additionally, here is another article that may be helpful:

    Since you mention that your pain seems to be localized in your elbow, this article may be helpful too: However, if the pain does worsen we suggest speaking to our doctor about a treatment that may help with the pain.

    Thanks so much for reaching out and please check back with us anytime.
    Lauren ( Team)

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