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More fatigue

On top of the over all fatigue that seems to worsen with increased joint pain, I’m also having leg fatigue? Back in the spring I noticed I can no longer build stamina walking up stairs. 3 flights is my max and that is taking it crazy slow, with generalized pain in my legs, shortness of breath and increased heart rate. Once I put that together with my ice cravings and realized I was likely anemic, that made sense.

However, recently when I get up in the morning or walk after sitting more than 5 minutes, my legs become incredibly weak after about 10 steps. The weakness does improve after that, but seems to be getting more severe.

Does anyone have similar? If so, are you anemic or no?

I keep testing myself, thinking maybe this is all psychosomatic.

I admire all of you who are dealing with this! I’m sorry that you have to, but am so thankful I’m not alone.

  1. Hi . Sorry you are experiencing this weakness. You are not alone with issues like this. It is not rare for those with chronic conditions like RA to sometime doubt their symptoms, but I doubt that this is psychosomatic. This conversation from one of our forums is on muscle weakness: In addition, this article from our editorial team looks at weakness and fatigue: It is important to bring every symptom to the attention of your doctor, particularly when it is unknown if it is connected to/caused by the RA. Hoping you get some answers soon. Best, Richard ( Team)

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