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Has anyone with RA had episode of giant cell arthritis?

In September of 2020, I ended up in my primary care doctor's office with pain in my jaw and back teeth, pain running upfront from the ear to the top of my head.

Eating and laying on that side did not subside until I was on the treatment of prednisone for 4 months. My bloodwork showed higher levels of inflammation which it has not done before. I have osteoarthritis and do suffer from some inflammatory arthritis although all treatment was stopped in late 2019 by a rheumatologist.

I see my rheumatologist in May again of this year and hope to get a clear diagnosis. I am exhausted, my hands hurt and my knuckles are red, my feet have sharp pains and cramping and I have developed a large lump on the back of my foot by Achilles’ tendon. Bone spur? My hips are very bad and they say it’s bursitis.

  1. Hi djpatters! This condition is frequently included under the umbrella of rheumatic conditions. I do hope you get some feedback from other community members that may have experience or knowledge about this issue. If you are looking for basic information in giant cell arteritis, you can check out this link -- I hope this information is helpful for you! Best, Erin, Team Member.

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