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Does anyone else have cervical neck pain and swelling?

Does anyone here have RA in their neck?

  1. Hello Northlake:

    Yes, I have had neck pain due to RA for many years. My Rheumy mentioned a surgery but I'd need to wear a "halo" for some time. A friend of ours had to wear a "halo" also after falling off a building which he was doing work on.

    Needless, to say, I'm not in any hurry to want that surgery. Hopefully, they find a surgery that is less barbaric. Meanwhile, I continue with my meds which help a bit, use a warm pack on my neck and wear a collar when it is really painful.

    1. Thank you for your feedback. I very much appreciate it. RA is a mean disease! Northlake

      1. My wife says I am a pain in the neck. but she does not have RA. Or,, does she? I may suggest that to her next time.....

        Never mind I just found out that was not such a good plan.

        I want you to know that yes I have neck pain and yes my wife says I am a pain in the neck. One is caused by RA and one is caused by a husband. You can guess which might be which.

        1. I've had pain in my neck for many years but recently in the last 3 months its been getting alot worse. The stiffness is way more intense this time so I can't move it very well. I will be bringing this up with the rheumatologist next time I see him.

          1. Hi , so sorry to hear that you're experiencing neck pain and that it's getting worse. You're definitely not alone: I've been having neck pain with my RA, too, particularly in the morning when I first wake up.

            I'm glad you'll be talking about this with your rheumatologist; communication with them is so important when you have RA.

            Thank you for your comment and for being a member of this community. Wishing you the best,

            David ( Team Member)

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