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Negative RA test

I have been reading some comments about people not having a positive RA factor blood test, i too did not have a positive test. My rheumotologist says I have nonserum RA which means I have all the symptoms along with an elevated sed rate. He also says I have fibromyalgia and with both I have pain all the time. In 2016 I was in a bad car wreck and I think that is when it really went over the top. In june 2017 I went on leave from my job to have a bladder pacemaker put in and I have not been ae to return. I have severe swelling in my feet and ankles to the point I am unable to walk or wear shoes. My hands are so bad some days that I cant even close them and I had to stop wearing my wedding ring. My vascular doctor says I only have mild reflux in 1 leg and that isnt the reason for the swelling. I also have an anular tear and herniated disc in my cervical spine and degenerative disease in my thorasic and lumbar spine. I am considering to ask for a uric acid test when I see my doctor this month because gout runs in my family also. I was thinking about asking for a medicine change but may not since so many have issues with methotrexate, I am currently on plaquinil, gabapentin, cymbalta, flexeril, and nortryptiline but nothing seems to help. I give my grand daughter an injection of methatrexate weekly because she has JRA. She is only 3 and seems to tolerate it well. I am thankful for this forum and have read some good info here. Good luck to all. Carolyn

  1. Hi Carolyn,

    Thank you so much for taking the time share all of that with us. I am so sorry to hear about everything you have had to endure. My heart is heavy reading about all of your struggles, and then also seeing that you're helping your granddaughter as well with her care. You are truly a fighter.

    We are so glad you've found our community. We're here for you whenever you need information, support, or just a friendly ear to vent to. I'm sorry you've been unable to work, however, I hope the time off has allowed you to take the time you need to listen to your body and find what provides you with a bit of relief.

    I understand your concern and frustration with changing medication. Maybe you can voice these feelings to your doctor the next time you see them? Not necessarily asking for new medication, but just asking what they think, and what issues may arise as a result? Just a thought! I also love that you're advocating for yourself and thinking about asking for a uric acid test. It's so great that you're bringing your family medical history to your doctors, and helping them help you by suggesting investigation of different issues that may not have been considered previously. That is awesome! Thank you so much again for sharing with us. We're so glad to have you here!


    Casey ( Team)

    1. I was recently at Mayo Clinic, and they were looking at data on patients where Mayo had RA positive results, and patient's home doctor had negative results. Repeated tests at both locations provided same results.

      Testing methods can vary, as can results.

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