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Never seeming to get anywhere


I was ms-diagnosed for so many years that when I finally did get the right diagnosis, it was bad. I was told that I have the more aggressive form of RA, and on top of that, I have Fibromyalgia, Psoriasis and Hypothyroidism. I have tried so many different combinations of drugs, including biologic's. I have been on long term steroid therapy and I stay in constant pain. I do go to a pain management clinic, but the medication is also trial and error. I currently take two different medications for the pain. It does help some, but not enough for me to lead a normal life. I have been dealing with now for 18 months, and all I seem to do is get worse. I have been in and out of the hospital 14 times in 2014. This Ra has also effected my lungs, kidneys, liver and my spleen. I have been in respiratory failure 3 times, and kidney failure 7 times. My pancreas is also effected. I feel that this is what the rest of life is going to be like and I am only 48 years old. I have raised my children and they now have their own homes and lives to lead. I do not like depending on anyone for anything. But sometimes I feel I have no choice. I live alone, but find that things that I did everyday, I can no longer do. Simple tasks like washing my dishes or making a meal is a chore for me. I have the best doctors treating me, but it is a process, it just seems like it is taking so long and my quality of life is nearly non existent. I am discouraged, but I have to have Hope. I have to learn my limitations and find a better way of dealing with this disease. I do not get enough sleep or rest. My memory seems to bad these days. I have no balance. I am just frustrated and appreciate the fact that I can vent a little. Thank you for listening to me. I will Pray for all of you out there that is going through the same thing. God Bless you all.

Davida Jones

  1. Hi Davida, very sorry to hear about your RA and other conditions and complications. Very challenging and hope that you find some relief soon. It is a slow process to find the right treatment program. Let us know if you have any questions we may be able to help with. Glad you can find support in this community of RA patients. -Kelly (Site Moderator)

    1. Hi Davida,

      You have been through so much - my heart goes out to you. Hopefully your doctor will find the right combination of meds for you. And SOON! Finding the right meds is hit or miss and trial and error - this I understand from my short experience with prescription meds. Then having multiple illnesses just compounds it.

      So frustrating to have challenges just doing the basic things in life. I understand this too.

      I'm wishing you the best for a better year in 2015 -


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