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New ** I'm trying to understand the pain

I understand that my joints will hurt, but lately it has gone beyond just joint pain. By the end of the day, I can barely move. It hurts in my arms ( bicep, triceps), neck, hands feet. But sooo much more then just where the joints are. I hate reading on Google, but find myself doing it. Does anyone ever hurt beyond the joint? Does anyone find themselves in tears at night because you literally struggle to get in bed?

  1. I see a rheumatologist every 3 months, and go again next month. And I will discuss this with him, just curious if others feel this type of pain

    1. Yes, I hurt all over in my muscles too. There was discussion that it was fibromyalgia or polymyositis. They finally got me on enough immunosuppressive drugs to get whatever it was under control. Keep discussing it with your Rheumatologist. Never just assume you have to endure it. They will either figure it out or accidentally get it under control like they did for me. Either way it is a win.

      Hang in there.


      1. Thank you! Seriously a relief to kniw I'm not alone! No one arou d me understands.

        1. I have the same symptoms - sometimes it is just joints, but mostly it is "all over pain". I think that is why I was originally diagnosed with Fibro, because I just hurt all over and had a rising RF and elevated SED rate and CRP, but was not sero-positive. At least not then.

          I am finding ways to cope with it, and have been on a whole host of medications to combat the pain, stiffness and soreness from muscle relaxers to clonazepam (current) to Tramadol (current).

          It takes time I am finding out. I will see my Rheumatologist in January - that will be my six-month check-up. After doing yoga yesterday, I am much more sore in my arms, elbows, legs, etc. but is an ok pain. There are other types of pain that are not ok.

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