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New to forum Gail

Started relationship with wonderful man who has chronic RA.. Relationship went wrong to my lack of knowledge of RA. Wish I new about this forum before so I could have got some help. I want him back. He's only 44.

  1. Gail,
    Go tell him. He probably feels like nobody will ever want him because he has a chronic illness.

    1. I agree with ktinflorida, Gail! I know I wish someone, even a friend, just tried to understand what it feels like! Good luck and if you have any questions please reach out!

      ~Monica ( Team Member)

      1. I started having pain in my hands and being very stiff in the morning, my right knee would swell and hurt badly. So I decided to go see a rheumatologist. The doctor sent a bunch of exams, xrays, ultrasounds, lab work. The ultrasound showed I already had fluid in my rigth knee and my hand joints were swollen. The RF was not high, 13.9 only but she did another test called Waaler Rose and that came positive. So because my mother had terrible RA, the doctor diagnosed me with RA. I get up in the morning and I am very stiff, bottom of my feet hurt, hand hurt terribly. But do I really have it since te RF was low? I just want to make sure I do. I am very open for feedback. Thank you!

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