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No Men

I know RA afflicts more female than male. I don't see any men sharing their stories on this site. Why is that?

  1. Hi Kerry,
    Yes, the ratios are about 70% of RA patients are women. However, I'm a guy with RA and am one of the moderators and bloggers on this site. I haven't shared my story but have written lots of blog posts.

    1. I have read many of your post and like them very much

      1. Thanks Kerry! I appreciate your comments.

        1. I am here! I am here! I am heeeeeere!

          I know what it is like to have a shortage of male support. For many years, I have visited various migraine forums and there are almost no men on them since migraines affect women more.

          On top of the fewer numbers, we men also suffer from the "don't want to talk about it" syndrome...which I have never understood. I want to talk, read and learn everything I can about my conditions.

          C'mon guys! Talk it up!

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