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Does anyone know if nodules only show up on the skin?

  1. Hi . I responded to you on another thread, but I thought I would share this article here as well: Are you experiencing lumps that are not near the skin's surface? I hope this helps. Wishing you the very best. - Lori (Team Member)

    1. Hello Lori, I ask because I thought I heard nodules can show in places other than just your skin. Yes I do have one obvious one on a finger joint for appox a year. And had another during early diagnoses on a finger joint that came and disappeared. Reason I am asking about other places, because I have been having a ? nodule growing in lung, that is being followed by PC as possible cancer. I guess next I should have ? my Rheumatologist also look at the 3 scans Iv'e had done so far. I go in for a Pet Scan? from base of skull to hips. What might be your thought on nodules developing in lungs/heart? Thanks for your response. John H

      1. Hi . RA nodules can sometimes occur in the lung and this article from the Mayo clinic on RA and the lungs discusses them: Hoping your doctor can have some answers for you soon. Best, Richard ( Team)

      2. I am now scheduled a PET Scan neck to thigh, a Pulmonologist after that, and then a visit to a Surgeon. My PC tells me that a RA nodule will not light up on a PET Scan for possible cancer. Which is not what they are calling it, yet.

    2. Hi harrjohn, I have seen external nodules on my elbow (s), forearm(s), fingers/nuckles and have in my lung. After seeing pulmonologists, having scans and a bronchoscopy of the past year or so, I found the flares at the time of the scans could have been the cause of the irregularities. The nodules have not increased in size and I'm due to go later this month for another CT scan and review with my pulmonologist. It's amazing how these changes and occurrences affect us and timing is everything, trying to figure out flares and timelines can be very taxing huh?!? Keep in touch with your body and write things down so that you'll be able to recall when certain things are found later. All the best, stay well and take care, Sharon

      1. Thank You for the response. 68, 6 yrs. RA, lucky to have a good team of clinicians as well as a great RA clinic. Trying to anything, is taxing. Good days are treasured. Be well, be safe.

    3. Nodules have shown up in the lungs as well

      1. yes, unfortunately nodules can show up in the lungs as well. Is this something you have experience with? Wishing you a gentle day. -- Warmly, Christine (Team Member)

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