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Odd symptom without explanation

Showing results for 'Nobody can figure out what is causing it (not yet), but at random times I get strong,painful itching on the top of my hands mainly. Other times it is the top of the feet, ankles or wrist. No redness, visible swelling, or rash. I have tried lotions, cooler showers, creams, hydrocortisone, and calamine lotion. Also tried allergy meds. No change. Last night putting an ice pack on the areas helped more than anything else. Anybody with this same thing or heard of it before. My rheumy said I need to see a dermatologist if it continues and a rash-there is no visible sign of something wrong other than me scratching or grabbing the area in pain. Could this be neuropathy? Does not seem to be medication related. Thanks in advance for reading this. I'm assuming it's something related to RA.'

  1. Not sure why you would assume it's related to RA. I would see a dermatologist. I tend you have very dry skin this time of the year and the parts exposed most to the elements are what itch the most.

    1. It is not presenting as dry skin and I have tried creams and lotions recommended by MD. It also isn't all the areas that are exposed. I know that RA can cause a number of symptoms and thought perhaps the 2 are related. Thank you for your response. I may just go to a dermatologist.

      1. I think I agree that a dermatologist is the best option. I suspect they will have a great idea of the cause, even if the issue might be one of several other autoimmune issues. I hope it gets worked out soon. .................... rick

    2. Hopefully you’ve found an answer but wanted to mention elevated liver enzymes can cause extremity itching like what you’ve described.

      1. thanks for reaching out. I am sorry to hear about the strong and painful itching that is mainly on the top of your hands. Definitely continue to follow up with your doctors. A dermatologist who specializes in conditions of the skin, would potentially be helpful. If that avenue is unsuccessful, potentially seeing an allergist?
        Other potential causes of itching:
        Have you had any changes to your dietary intake at all? Potentially ate something in higher amounts or introduced a new food?
        Have you introduced a new laundry detergent or used a new body soap?

        Wishing for answers and relief for your severe itching. Please Keep Us Posted. Just Keep Swimming..Lynn Marie, " Team Member"

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