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Opting not to treat

Good morning....just wondering if any others diagnosed with RA are choosing NOT to treat. I was diagnosed 6 yrs ago and have been on multiple biologics....started with DMARDS as is standard, moved on to Biologics and because I couldn't see any measurable difference, a year ago I opted not to treat and save my exorbitant co-pays. I am Sero-Negative RA so we can't even measure progress with labs....EXCEPT for the Vectra DA which IS showing higher disease activity. I'm not suffering...don't have the arthritis piece, labs look wonderful, but I'm tired.....veeerrrry tired. Anyone else in the same 'boat' The drs say these drugs in my case would be for preventing future damage....but if you can't measure progress, and you don't feel different WITH the meds, is it worth the risk of the side effects? Looking for new perspective if anyone can offer one. Thanks! Pauline

  1. Hi pchoate. Be careful with that decision. By looking at me you can't tell that I have RA, but my lungs are full of nodules and it is affecting my ability to convert the oxygen from the air and transfer it to my blood.

    I know this is a frustrating disease and seeing no progress when tons of money is leaving your bank account is terribly discouraging. It took about 7 years to find the right combination of meds for me.

    RA is not for the weak. I hope you settle on an answer you are happy with.


    1. Thanks KT....I'm constantly tossing the decisions around in my head. I've been on MTX, Sulfasalazine, Leflunamide, Remicade, Orencia, and Exeljanz. None made me feel any different....but some made me sickly. The only one that came CLOSE to changing how I FEEL was Remicade. I was on that for a year but my Vectra score started rising so I quit that one. They tell me Remicade is the only biologic that I can't return to. I know the dangers of MAYBE developing damage in the future....but I also may not live long enough to reach that point. I'm 64 now. It's a quandary, do I want to risk other disease or side effects of treating? or do I gamble that I won't ever have severe issues and just deal with the fatique I have now for the long term. Thanks for the much to think about. I'm sorry you're having to deal with the RA issues you are and I agree, RA is not for the weak....of body or in my case, mind. lol


      1. Hi Pauline

        During the first 2 months of treating RA, I took Prednisone and MXT. The side effects were horrible. Constant fatigue was one of them. It just hung over me like a shadow of death. When my Dr. tried to introduce me to biologic, I refused and opted out all traditional medicines and searched for Alternative Natural Treatment. After 2 months into herbal medicine, the constant fatigue and brain fog were gone. Other side effects gradually disappeared after 4 months. Here I am today in complete remission. You can read my story in Natural Remedies & Alternative Therapies section. You can read another successful recovery story of DesertStormTrooper. This can give you another option to fight this crazy disease. Wish you the best

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