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Or maybe not..?

Had my first appointment with my GP to discuss joint pain/symptoms. Now I’m questioning everything including my sanity.

Significant Labs from two weeks ago - CBC: HGB 10.0, WBC 14.7, Vit D: 12.

Yesterday’s labs so far: CBC: HGB 9.2, WBC 8, Ferritin 3😳, CRP and ESR normal.

Still waiting on RF, ANA and anti CCP.

X-rays of hands and feet show OA in all but no signs of RA.

So I have iron deficiency anemia to be treated with oral iron, that the dr thinks is because of my gastric sleeve surgery from 2015, though I’ve never had anemia before. I’m also testing the vitamin D deficiency, which is something I have battled in the past.

Because I was struggling to function these past two weeks, I took low dose oral steroids for a few days. Yesterday my joint swelling was the best it’s been in weeks.

I’m just wondering if maybe my symptoms could be all vitamin deficiency related? Or did I affect my labs with the steroids? Yesterday I had myself convinced my symptoms were all psychosomatic because I felt so much better. Symptoms are worsening a bit today so 🤷‍♀️

Thanks again for listening!!

  1. Anemia can be awful and can mimic RA symptoms. I have anemia and it is very tough. I wish you good fortune............ rick

    1. Hi - thanks for sharing with us. This article ( also has some good info related to some of the challenges you mentioned. It could be helpful if you haven't seen it yet! Warmly, - Reggie, Team Member

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