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In addition to RA, have you been diagnosed with any other condition?

  1. RA, Lupus, Fibro & Rhinuitis . Now psoriasis...

    1. Secondary Sjogren's but I have been lucky it only flares occasionally.

  2. Aside from RA, I have Secondary Raynauds, Asthma, Type 1 Diabetes, OsteoArthritis, Microcytic Anemia. As far as I know so far.

    I also have RA Neuropathy and had RA Carpal Tunnel Syndrome(repaired) but those are complications.

    1. Thanks for the mention Monica. Yesterday, I thought of another condition that I have but I forget what it is today. Too much stuff to keep track of.

      My Rheumy ordered exrays of my neck a couple of weeks ago and asked me if I wanted him to schedule the surgery for Atlantoaxial instability (AAI)

      I hadn't heard of it and he didn't know all about the surgery, so I told him to halt right there. I need time to look it up on the net. I do not have the dislocation or the subluxation however.

      No one mentioned it here, so I didn't bother to ask. I found a couple of sites describing the treatment for it. Doesn't sound like fun but I guess I'll have to have that surgery too before the expected other knee replacement later this year.

      Thanks again Monica!

    2. Oh wow...I wish I could be of more help here but I don't have information on AAI. If you want to ask the community you can go here: and post the question!

      The one thing I also remind everyone is that we are our own advocates. It's our bodies and we know it best. I really hope that it works out for you if and when you decide to get the surgery.

      Please keep me updated on it, the knee surgery and anything else!! ~Monica

  3. Yes,kidney stones,prostate issues,thyroid,beginning stage of cataracts in both eyes,anxiety and depression.

    1. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis 5 years ago. I didn't do anything about them because I thought they were just arthritis until this last year and my body is falling apart and now I know better

      1. Hi Jennifer. Sorry you are struggling and have these comorbidities. You mention not previously undergoing treatment, do you currently have a rheumatologist? This article from our editorial team gives and overview of RA treatments: A doctor should be able to work with you on options and coordinating for your various conditions. It is certainly possible to achieve better control over RA. Know that this community is here for you for information and support. Best, Richard ( Team)

      2. I was diagnosed five years ago and I just thought it was arthritis I had no idea it was this expensive and takes your whole body over so in May because this year there was a dramatic impact on my body from ra that I didn't know that's what it was at first I had my primary doctor set me up with a rheumatologist back in May and as soon as I can get in is August 21st some days I feel like I can't make it that long thank you for this information because that's what helps me get by until I am able to see the doctor I sure appreciate these sites and the time that the moderators administrators take to take care of them and update information so thank you for that

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