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Pain Advice

I ve been in various degrees of pain these past seven months and my doctor ( private via insurance) attributed it to a prolapsed disc causing back pain and right leg sciatica. Hes recommended me to have a steroid injection. My back pain has now settled.
Aside from this ..the pain and swelling in my left knee has persisted and following a blood test, my GP says i have RA and referred me to a constant rheumatologist.
Do you think I should go ahead with the epidural injection? Or wait to see what the rheumatologist says?

  1. I would wait for the Rheumatologist unless it is a long wait or the pain is too much to handle. Steroid injections are hit or miss and steroids aren't really good for you anyway. It also could alter your results on blood tests with the Rheumatologist making it more difficult to get a diagnosis and treatment.

    Sorry it sounds like you have RA. What really stinks is that you could have RA plus the disc problem and sciatica. Hope you get some relief soon.

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        1. I am on my feet all day and by evening they are hurting. I am still breaking them in but foot pain is decreasing. My feet feel snug and supported. The arch support is very noticeable and feels good. Will be trying sandals also. orthofeet sneakers felt great as soon as i put them on. I am walking several miles a day and even started running some.

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