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Pain and RA

What do you do to manage your RA pain and what can you share with others?

  1. Wanted to share this aticle on managing RA Pain:

    Do you have any additions?

    1. Roxy, I have the same problem with my Dr PC regarding Percocet. Just had a spinal fusion, not taking the heavy narc that were given leading up to the surgery. They all know I have came off and managed per script all narc during that period. Was diagnosed 2018 Plaquenil 1st (bad side effects) stopped it went to MTX, Prednisone, Lidocaine10,Volton gel, Methocarbamol, Lyrica, lots of Tylenol and Percocet during the onset of a flare which I wait 24 hrs before starting Prednisone in case it is only one of my 36-72 hrs flares ( not to start a taper that's not necessary). So far I have been told even though I only take the Percocet till the Prednisone kicks in I will have to go to pain management cause my PCP Dr. does not like writing due to addiction and my Rheumatologist won't write.1) I only take during flares and RX lasts much longer then what is wrote on bottle. 2) this is a RX that dentist use to write w/o worry. 3)It is obvious it's not being abused, nor becoming addicted. 5mg really! Anyway I told both Dr.'s if this a problem, then I can go back to going to ER anytime I can not tolerate the onset, and insurance won't like that ! Also on the most part regular Dr.'s just don't know what to do with you other then to address the pain and make you comfortable then send you home with the very thing that is the issue, one could have done for them self at home. When the Cure is Worse then the Disease is living with RA I guess. Don't they know when treatment is working flare's are not an issue.

    2. That was a lot of idea's. Though the years probably tried 8 out of 10. Although finding something to work for RA is ever changing. Nothing like waiting for another treatment option to start to work, while setting around with an ice pick sticking out of a joint, neck, or shoulder. From a guy that has managed pain before, but this is a new kind of animal

  2. 10 ways to ease rheumatoid arthritis pain are

    1.protect your joints.

    Exercise can be a key component in keeping joint pain at bay. It can also give you more energy and improve your mood.
    3.Stretch it out
    you should try to stretch all of your joints each day to the extent that it does not cause you pain.
    4.give it a rest
    Taking a break can relax your mind, ease pain in your joints, and help reduce the fatigue that is often associated with the disease.
    5.take a warm bath or shower
    Moist heat in particular seems to penetrate well and provides relief from rheumatoid arthritis pain,
    6.try hot wax.
    If you have pain in the joints of the hands or feet, a hot wax bath can ease inflammation.
    7.try a cane
    Canes are easy to find and use and can take up to 20% of your body weight off of your legs, hips, and ankles.
    8.lose weight
    Being overweight can place excessive stress on, and adversely affect, your weight-bearing joints like the knees, back, and hips
    9.use special tools
    Certain types of equipment can help make everyday tasks less painful. Pens, knives, can openers, zipper pulls, and additional products are available to help you protect your joints, Reininger says.

    10.plan carefully
    Break chores up into sections—plant one garden bed one day and the second another day instead of tackling them all at once. And when exercising, it’s not necessary to do 30 minutes at once; try three 10-minute increments throughout the day.

    Annie james
    Arthroscopic Treatment in Asia

    1. this sounds great if I didn’t have 2 kids and didn’t have to work for a living. Balance isn’t easy in a world that rushes you every waking hour. It’s unfair how people get lumped in with addicts when the doctors can control how much and how often scheduled drugs are given. I’m not one to take Percocet unless I’m in bad shape. It makes my stomach turn. But when you have surgery or break something Tremadol doesn’t help. I had surgery last month and was given 3 tremadol pills because my doctor says “ that’s all you are allowed “. It’s bad enough we have a disease that is invisible. Now we are labeled as pill seekers so we can get up, go to work and pay these ridiculous amounts of medical bills. If the government wants to help.. let doctors be doctors. Stop with all RA protocol tests that cost so much ( just to confirm we have RA for the 100th time) and let us have medication that help us function on a daily basis. Sorry, rant over.

  3. Here’s my list of simple swaps to make daily life easier.
    - ordering groceries online to be delivered
    - getting my hair washed/styled when having joint pain
    - asking a family member to assist with daily chores
    - establish “quiet hours” to reflect and recharge
    - use voice memo on iPhone to journal thoughts/feelings
    - check in with rheumatologist
    - a warm bath or shower to loosen joints

    1. Awesome tips, trebleinthekchn! Thank you for taking the time to share this with us! -Casey, Team

    2. Hi Treble, I love it, so how does the hair styling help? 😀

  4. So my rheumatologist says my rd is under control yet I still have so much pain and stiffness. Is that usual?

    1. voltaren has help me quite a bit especially on the knees and shoulders...I am a new ra patient..I say if it works ok if not lose it..😐

    2. I recently had a consult with a 2nd rheumatologist. In his evaluation he told me that if we get my RA under control that there was a good chance I would discover that I also had OA (especially in my hands) or fibromyalgia pain. If that comes to pass, he recommended that I trial low dose Cymbalta for the continued pain. Certainly, I cannot recommend medications for you. I have not trialed this yet and I'm still in the first step of trialing a new biologic. But it is worth remembering that having RA does not eliinate pain from other causes. With Hope and Best Wishes, Jo (moderator)

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