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Pain in the rear!

I was diagnosed with RA several years ago and have been on MTX for about 8-9 months but July/Aug/Sep always seems to be flare time. Has anyone experienced severe pain in the buttocks? I had a couple days a few weeks ago that hurt pretty bad but tonight I had to crawl and get help from my wife just to make it to bed. It's severe pain on one side. I am trying to find some humor in being brought down by my butt though! Anyone else experienced this? Any advoce? Go to the dr in a couple days.

  1. I always knew RA was a pain in the rear, but I thought it was figurative, not literal. Could it be hip pain, or is this muscular? I'm on MTX injectable 25 ml and this hasn't happened to me, BUT I get extreme muscle pain in my thighs some times to the point that I actually drag the hurt leg. Just picture a pirate with a peg leg wearing a ball and chain. I wonder if it is a version of the same thing? Hmmmm. Let me know what the doctor says...

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