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Pain meds

I have had RA for a long time and it hits my large joints, knees, elbows hard. I am curious how many in our community take pain meds regularly. I do and often prednisone too. The latter causes blood sugar to rise.

Without the pain meds it is hard to sleep or function. I go to a pain management doctor but had reservations about taking them long term. I have reached the point that I will to maintain quality of life.

  1. i think your would find several in our community regularly require pain medications.


    1. Pain medication becomes a way of life, whatever it takes to keep going and have a life.

      1. Hi . I noticed what wrote and I thought of this article from our contributor Carla titled "It's Not About Pain - It's About Living:" She discusses treating pain as an individual decision process and those with chronic conditions need to do what is necessary to live their best lives. Wishing you the best. Richard ( Team)

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