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Can RA cause pain without swelling?

Can you still hurt with RA, even when you're not swelling? My wrists, hands and fingers hurt all the time.

  1. Hi ! As RA affects everyone differently, it's entirely possible to experience joint pain without outward or obvious swelling or inflammation. Is this something you had the chance to speak with your doctor or healthcare team about yet? I'm disheartened you're in so much pain around your hands! Please do let us know. -Alesandra ( Team)

    1. I just recently got diagnosed with Ra stage 1 in my hands. I got put on plaquenil. I don't have any swelling or redness. My hand pain b4 starting medicine I couldn't even type. It was so bad.

      1. Hi, i just recently stumbled upon this video with exercises for RA in your hands . i hope this is helpfull.

        1. Hi Brandi65! While everyone's experience is different, I often have pain or stiffness unaccompanied by inflammation. For me personally, I rarely experience inflammation, so when I do I take it very seriously, but it's not uncommon for me to experience random pains in various joints. If you frequently partake in fine motor activities such as drawing or typing, that may exacerbate your pain. I enjoy drawing, but it can be painful, so in the past I've found it helpful to manage the pain with OTC painkillers (approved by my doctor in conjunction with whatever treatment plan I'm on), taking frequent breaks, and keeping an ice pack handy to use during my breaks. I definitely recommend communicating with your healthcare team regarding the best approach to dealing with your hand pain. I hope you find a treatment plan that works for you! - Cindy ( Team Member)

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