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Paleo vs. Mediteranean Diet?

I have been struggling with "life changes" since my RA diagnosis over 2 years ago. I have been on a host of medicines thus far with minimal relief. Now I am thinking about changing the way I eat. I keep hearing and reading testimony's of people changing their diet and having it help. What have you all tried and any recommendations? Thank you

  1. I have been avoiding red meat and shellfish for the past couple years. It seems to help me a bit (although I do miss those boiled shrimp). My brother (who also has RA) keeps raving about the "ketogenic" diet that he's on, but I have yet to make the leap. I guess I just like potatoes too much. It does seem to have helped him though.

    1. Thanks for writing valigator. Dietary changes certainly do make a difference for some with RA. Others do not notice much of an effect. RA affects everyone so differently that results can differ. This article from our editorial team looks at diet and nutrition for RA:

      This article from the editorial team looks at healthy eating, including information on the Mediterranian diet:

      In this article one of our contributors writes about how diet and exercise have helped her RA:

      Hope this information is useful and know thanks for being part of the community. best, Richard ( Team)

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