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Pets and Health

This month we're talking about how pets can affect our RA or how they can help it! If you have a pet, tell us how your pet helps you cope with your RA. Don't have a pet? Then tell us what comforts you when you are having a flare or in pain.

  1. I would have probably killed myself by now if not for my 2 little dogs - one of whom is in my lap right now. In addition to the RA I have 2 serious heart diseases and am still trying to muddle through working full time. Thankfully I work at home which does help simplify things. They give me tremendous comfort and seem to know when I am having a particularly bad day. Just having them in my lap relaxes me and makes me feel better. I live alone and having to care for them will get me moving.

    1. lindanewland,
      Hope you and your little pups are having a nice day.
      Are you able to get in some puppy play time, fetch a stick, or a short easy stroll so all 3 of you can get some fresh air?
      (I do not know your mobility status, so if getting out is difficult, I am sorry.)
      Dogs can be so cool, all they want to do is please their humans and ask for so little in return.

    2. Eebtool,

      You are right about dogs, all they want to do is please their humans!
      Thanks for joining the conversation and showing support to our community!

      Lauren ( Team)

  2. Pets definitely enhance and better the life of a person with chronic illness. They are NATURAL HEALERS! To anyone questioning whether they should get a pet, I say yes and adopt or rescue because they need good homes!

    1. Hi amyh ~

      I agree! My pup (adopted at 8 weeks) has been with me every step of the way - from diagnosis, to treatment, to changing treatment, to changing treatment again! She always seems to know when I'm not feeling well and does her best to help me feel better!

      ~Mariah~ (Site Moderator)

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