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Positive Diagnosis - RA Factor 200

Now the reality seems to be setting in, I was diagnosed with RA and all of my bloodwork has confirmed. I started on Methotrexate and Folic Acid with reduced 10 Mg of Prednisone yesterday and overnight it seemed this morning I felt as though I was hit by a truck and more achy than I have felt for the past 2 months since identifying that I "may" have RA.
Is this normal to have such side affects from the chemo (tho lower dosages?)

Maybe I have been in denial, but if I questioned that I actually had RA, it seems clear now that I do - have others had the same type of response in the beginning?

Thank you for your support and a fantastic website!!

  1. LisaMc2011,

    Thanks so much for your comment in our forums! We are glad you found us and reached out. We are sorry to hear of your recent diagnosis.

    While morning stiffness is certainly a common symptom behind RA (this article may be helpful If you feel you are experiencing side effects or symptoms from a particular medication , we encourage you to talk to your doctor.

    While I hope the community can provide you with some additional feedback on their own personal journey, we hope you find some of these articles helpful.

    "Managing RA Pain"

    Please come back anytime for support, information or questions. You are not alone in your RA journey and we are glad to have you part of our community.

    Best Wishes,
    Lauren (Community Manager

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