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What helps with severe pain and flares postpartum?

Hi all, I'm new to this community so here's a little background: I'm 27 and was diagnosed with JIA when I was 14. I went into remission for a few years but unfortunately everything flared up when I got pregnant.

Postpartum and in constant pain

I'm 10 weeks postpartum and have severe pain and cannot move my right arm due to swelling in my elbow. I'm having issues with my doctor because he keeps recommending drugs that are not safe for breastfeeding. I'm feeling awful because of the pain and lack of support from my Dr. I've tried so many drugs and nothing seems to help me. My BP is so bad due to the constant pain I am in and it is very hard to care for my daughter. Please can someone recommend something that has helped them?

  1. Hi Jmelynw. First, let me say congratulations on the birth of your daughter. Second, sorry to hear that your RA came back during your pregnancy. this is a little different than is often reported, as many women seem to get a pregnancy remission. The postpartum flare is a fairly common occurrence and our contributor Mariah, who had a couple of children while having RA, wrote about it here: This article goes into greater detail (as it says, beyond the basics) on RA and pregnancy, including the postpartum flare, breastfeeding, and medications: In addition, this article looks at safety of medications for pregnancy and nursing: and this one serves as an update on the topic: Hope this information is helpful and that others will chime in with their thoughts. Wishing you some relief soon and best to you and your daughter. Best, Richard ( Team)

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