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Practical question:

A big problem for me is that with my ongoing lack of strength and flexibility I’m having trouble cleaning my home. Right now the biggest challenge is the bathtub. Does anyone have suggestions on a product that I can simply spray on, wait a while and rinse off that actually does the job? Or another way to clean it that doesn’t require crouching down and scrubbing, both of which I can’t do anymore.
Is there a place here where we can exchange helpful tips on working around or adapting to the challenge of RA when it comes to necessary chores? Thanks for reading.

  1. Hello. I am a bath fan and yes i understand what you are saying. My hands don't seem to scrub effectively and everything looks the same after i have cleaned it. I purchased a chargeable operated scrubber. It's not brilliant but it is better than me, it's great for the bath though.
    It has 3 attachments to do different things. I also found a grout cleaner that is good around taps etc another spot i was to put it mildly ineffectual. Good luck. I would give you a link to it but i am in Tasmania, Australia and i am sure there is something similar for you.

    1. Thanks for the info. Just now saw all the replies. Sorry I'm late getting back to everyone.

  2. My husband bought hose end sprayers that attach to the shower that helps with rinsing, etc. If I rinse the tub/shower daily the soap scum doesn't build up. Also, there are products, such as Clean Shower, you can spray on tile walls or the tub after each shower to help keep them clean and decrease how often things need to be deeper cleaned. I also like Scrubbing Bubbles. Spray it on and let set a couple of minutes. None of these are as good as a good scrubbing, but helpful.

    Using a garden knee pad or kneeler with handles is helpful.

    While I was still working, I did pay to have someone come in once a month to clean the bathrooms and mop the kitchen floor. Amazing! Unfortunately, not an option for many people.

    1. The hose and sprayers sound a good idea. It’s such a specific thing that hurts isn’t it? And that can change. I did my shower once with a garden kneel pad and my wrists that are weak gave way as I tried to get up. It has made me cautious how I go about things.

    2. I thought about the clean spray, but my cat likes to play in the empty bathtub and I don't know how safe it would be for her. Just now saw the responses and I apologize for the late reply.

  3. Hi Introvert. Trouble with cleaning certainly is not an uncommon problem in the community. Seems like you have gotten a lot of good feedback from Jane and Jo J (it is always great to see how community members try to help each other out). While these suggestions are broad based, thought you might be interested in this article which compiled thoughts from the community on handling chores and errands: Best, Richard ( Team)

    1. Thanks for the info. Appreciate it.

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