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Prednisone as a diagnostic tool

Has anyone else had their doctor use prednisone as a test when trying to evaluate for RA?

I am finally down to the 3rd day of 10 mg.....

The first 6 days on 30 mg were great. Morning stiffness almost gone, pain 80 percent improved, at least. And the fatigue was gone. I felt like a normal person.

The second day of the taper to 20 mg, things got ugly. Exhaustion. Dizzy. Spacey. Pain coming back. And a brand new heel/foot arch pain I never had before.

I am now on 3rd day of 10 mg and more of the same. Yesterday back soreness/stiffness started along with feet. My usual joint pain is creeping back in, too.

So. I know enough to know that this suggests something inflammatory. But I am confused b/c pred. can also be used to help OA, right?

How does a trial does help them point to RA if pred. can also treat OA? the heck long am I going to feel this terrible? I mean, pain coming back is one thing.....but I feel ill. How long does it take to get this out of your system?

Is there anything I can do to lesson the awful tapering side effects?

  1. Thanks for reaching out and sorry it has taken so long to get back to you. Tapering is certainly something discussed amoungst the community. Sorry to hear all the you are experiencing.

    I thought this article might be helpful to you:

    I do hope others chime in with personal experience.
    Wishing you the very best,
    Lauren ( Team)

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