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Questions About RA Symptoms

Within the last 3-4 months I have had episodes of pain in my both my thumbs, wrists, and fingers., When it first started, it would only last a few hours. Last week I had an episode that lasted three days. Thumbs and fingers hurt the worse they have in any prior episode. Defiantly noticed the pain more and the length of time increased. Fingers felt tight, and weak. By the third day, everything seemed to be almost completely better, with just some soreness left. I have an apt with my primary on Friday, but I was just wondering if it is normal between the episodes of pain, to not really have any pain?. Today everything feels normal with no pain or stiffness. I have probably had 3-4 episodes of the pain total. Do you think based on my symptoms it could be RA?
Thank you for any imput you can provide.

  1. I am still fairly new to this, having only been diagnosed for just over a month ago. But I often have pain like that. Its not constant for days but there is pain everyday. I am just beginning to track symptoms and paid /severity, etc, to figure out the difference in pain and a flare. I am researching like crazy trying to figure it all out. I know I'm not much help but wanted to say I do that, too.

    1. Hi dianna12! While we cannot offer medical diagnosis online, for your safety, I am glad you reached out to our community. I want to share some information about hand pain and RA that you nay find interesting -- Also, if you and your physician suspect RA, there are some tests that should be done to come to that diagnosis. Here is some information on that testing process -- Whether or not you have RA, the symptoms you are describing definitely warrant attention, so I am glad you are seeing your Primary Care Doctor. I hope you get some relief and please feel free to come back and update us on your results, if you feel comfortable doing so. Best, Erin, Team Member.

      1. Thank you very much for your replies and information. I went to my primary today. She didn't really say much other than since I have a history of osteoarthritis it could just be that, but she wanted to do blood tests to rule out RA or Lupus. She did mention the term " poly arthritis" which I read just means more than 5 joints are affected. So will wait for blood work to come back and see what it says. It's just so weird the way things flare up, then go completely away. Had a n incident night before last. Wrists started hurting and within a couple of hours they both hurt so bad I couldn't use either one of them without bad pain. Then in 4-5 hours, everything was back to pain at all. But she said osteoarthritis can do that too so we'll see. Said labs should be back by Wednesday of next week. Again, thank you so much for your replies!

        1. Glad to hear that she's listening to you dianna 12 and that you have next steps! Please keep us posted on how everything works out - we'll be thinking of you! - Susan ( Team Member)

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