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RA? Awaiting first rheumatologist appt

I was very fatigued and just wore out in Jan, figured I had caught a bug. A few days into this, I started having bilateral elbow pain. Bad enough that I could not lift a gallon of milk without excruciating pain and weakness. This went on for a month before I saw my PCP. She did labs for RA which all came back normal. She prescribed me a steroid dose pack and meloxicam. She said if this didn't help she would send me to rheumatologist. The steroids helped the first day or so when it was a high dose. As the dose went down so did the relief. The meloxicam never helped. I am now having stiffness the morning where it takes me forever to straighten my arm. I have pain in both elbows, wrists, hands and my left big toe joint?
I have an appt with a rheumatology doc that specializes in seronegative RA. My appt is not until July unfortunately. Anyone with seronegative RA that can describe your early symptoms. What you do for relief?

  1. Hi ssansoucie. Sorry you are having these issues and have this wait for an appointment with a rheumatologist, but it is great that you have sought out a place you can get information and support. I can't speak to your particular case (although we have plenty of seronegative community members, including my wife,Kelly Mack, who is a contributor here), however, this article looks at early signs and symptoms: and this one gives an overview of treatments:

    In addition, I want to share with you this article from our contributor Tamara on what to expect from your first rheumatologist appointment: and this one from Kelly on questions for the doctor:

    Hoping you get some answers and relief soon. Please know that this community is here for you. Best, Richard ( Team)

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