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RA Factor 289 - Now What?

I am an international teacher living in Singapore. I recently felt exhausted for days on end, and had joint pain. I went to see a walk-in Dr who did blood work. My rheumatoid factor came back at 289 but my ESR was only 21. He recommended me to see a rheumatologist but the wait list is months long. I am wondering if anyone else had similar numbers and if they can tell me how serious it is and if I am in jeopardy by waiting for months. Im also hoping people can give me tips on when to push through the fatigue and when not to. Im worried that its depression so I want to push through but I dont know if Im harming my body more. Thank you so much

  1. Hi NR ~

    Unfortunately, there is no single blood test that can diagnose RA or determine it's severity. Instead, a diagnosis is made based on a combination of tests, medical history, and physical exam by a qualified doctor. If your doctor has recommended that you see a rheumatologist you should try to get in to see one as soon as possible. Once a diagnosis is made, your doctor can help you determine the appropriate boundaries for dealing with issues like fatigue - as well as helping you find a treatment that will hopefully reduce those symptoms. If you are concerned about waiting a month to see a rheumatologist, I recommend calling back several times and share that you are really struggling with pain and fatigue to see if there is any way they can get you in sooner - or perhaps asking to be put on a cancellation list.

    ~Mariah~ (Site Moderator)

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