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RA symptoms and side effects

So, I am 49, i was diagnosed int 2009 with RA, but believe i have had it since childhood.
This month has been especially trying as i have been hospitalized twice with major illnesses. At the beginning of the month i had double pneumonia and was in the hospital for 4 days. And was just released yesterday, from another week long stay for pericarditis which is a big word for fluid surrounding my heart.
And it was a direct link to my RA. Infection was ruled out,So far anyway still have cultures pending. So to determine whether it was caused by inflammation or infection, they have to cut a hole in your chest and a tube to drain the fluid out to test it. A procedure that i could have died from! I already suffer from anxiety issues, and depression, and to have this diagnosis was a bit shocking to say the least. The initial reason i went to the hospital was because i was having pain in my neck, shoulder, back and chest, and i thought i was having a heart attack. I am way too young for this crap, and i am just wondering if anyone else has had similar symptoms or diagnosis. Also wondering when the heck i am going to stop having new symptoms that are so sever that they could kill me!!! Will i ever have control over my body again or is the RA going to dictate how i live my life and be the cause of my death!!! HELP!!!

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