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I've had RA since August of 2013 and am currently in month 3 of a flare up. For a year and a half I was largely symptom-free and physically fit, all systems working nicely. With the current flare up I have an unusually (for me) large appetite. I initially blamed it on prednisone and decided I could be patient with that. I've tapered off the prednisone however and am still thinking way too much about food. I've also stopped exercising almost entirely, which I understand is often typical with RA flares. I'm fairly disciplined in general but the food thing has become a real struggle. I know I need to adopt a mindset, and I don't WANT to adopt a mindset. Wondering if other people deal with this and how you've gotten over the hump.

  1. Hi Liz, sorry that you're not feeling well. Having a flare for such a period sounds like your RA is not under control. Personally, I have experienced the intense hunger except during use of prednisone. Sometimes I eat a lot with stressed or depressed which can be part of RA. You should talk to your rheumatologist about the control of the disease and these hunger symptoms.

    1. Thanks Andrew. I'm intrigued to hear that you don't experience hunger when on prednisone. It was a great excuse while I was taking it I thought! I was hoping this flare would last a few weeks at the most, not 3 months and counting! I've been back on MTX for the past three weeks but it's not cutting it and so I'll see my rheumatologist Thursday. It's challenging trying to control something that has a mind of its own. I will talk to my rheumatologist about diet, it's the first time in my life I've struggled with eating too much. EVERYTHING tastes great. Oh, and the fatigue… don't get me started! Thank you again.

      1. Thanks Sneed. Do you mind me asking the dosage of Prednisone you take? I will at some point need to really rein in my caloric intake a bit. I haven't been experiencing being cool or cold lately, but have certainly been distressed by the ongoing flare.

        Yesterday I asked my rheumatologist if people have permanent flares. She said everything is done to try to control symptoms when patients are having flares, making me realize once again that there is nothing clear cut about the auto-immune world.

        1. Hi Lizb ~

          I think you hit the nail on the head: there is nothing clear cut about the auto-immune world! Everyone's experience is unique. It can be so useful to talk to others about what they have been going through, but I think it is also really important to remember that your experience is your own - and what worked/didn't work for them may have a different result for you!

          Hang in there!

          ~Mariah~ (Site Moderator)

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