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Recently diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis

Hi I just been diagnosed with ra and put on methotrexate I'm really freaking out as they are making me feel so unwell I'm not truly convinced I have ra as before I started the meds I read that food can be a factor so as I was also suffering from really bad trapped wind and bowel aches I cut out anything with wheat in it bread pasta ect and my swelling in my hands and knees have gone down and I'm almost pain free at he moment and my stomach issues have also gone has anyone else had this issue and does anyone else think they have been misdiagnosed I'm struggling with what to do in this situation because of covid I dont have a proper rheumatologist the lady I saw came out of retirement for 3 months to help out I'm currently waiting for a new app to come in the post and my gp tells me it's something I need to take up with the rheumatologist I feel like pulling my hair out if the methotrexate doesnt do it for me please help I also suffer from really bad mental health so the stress is unreal thankyou in advance

  1. Hi . First, I want to focus on the positive - it is a good thing that your symptoms are doing better. I can't speak to the specifics of your diagnosis and, for your protection, we cannot give medical advice over the internet. I can share with you this page from our editorial team on the diagnostic process for RA: You may want to go over it and discuss with the doctor what the basis/criteria for your diagnosis was. In addition, it is always important to bring any potential medication side effects to the attention of your doctor. Perhaps, considering how the medication is making you feel combined with the improved state of your symptoms, your doctor may want to adjust your treatment. Hoping that the second opinion from the regular rheumatologist will help clear up your diagnostic questions. Please know that this community is here for you and feel free, if you like, to keep us posted on how you are doing. Best, Richard ( Team)

    1. Winks:

      I think Richard has given really great advice. Remember there is way more positive here than not. You are right to ask for a qualified rheumatologist to do a full evaluation including blood work and a physical exam.
      I also suggest you speak to your GP. Express your concerns and ask for advice. In my experience my GP is usually a good source of general information.
      I think the fundamental thing to do is take a deep breath and see your GP.
      I wish you the very best and keep us updated on your journey.


      1. I had a xray on my hands and wrists I had bloods done telephone consultation and a face to face app at the hospital she told me I have seropositive ra and put me on methotrexate and steroids with folic acid I'm not sure if I'm in denial but I just am not convinced it is ra can ra give you bowel issues could this be a misdiagnosis or do I need to accept this thanks

        1. None of us can give you medical advice over the web, for your safety. It is something you'll see here a lot, we strongly believe in patient's right for self-advocacy. Essentially if you want a second opinion, absolutely connect with another rheumatologist and see what he/she says! That may give you some peace of mind. Also the response on this thread may be interesting for you in terms of RA and bowel issues: - Reggie ( Team Member)

      2. First, I'm not a medical doctor. I'm just someone who's had sero-negative RA for over 30 years and have spent a lot of time on RA forums and doing my own research.
        I've learned that there is good info out there, and there is twice as much bad info out there. Lots of people on the internet who claim all sorts of things with no scientific basis. Food does NOT affect RA. Diets will not serve as a "treatment." Quick fixes don't work.
        You have scientific evidence of RA. Methotrexate with folic acid is the appropriate treatment starting out [and possibly indefinitely]. The steroids may be just to get you over the hump.
        I'm not aware of RA causing bowel issues. Perhaps once you accept the diagnosis and the treatment, you might find the bowel issues may go away. [Of course, it's possible something else is going on.]
        Good luck.

        1. omg thankyou I had read alot about it and inflammatory foods the rheumatologist I spoke to on the phone asked if I had and bowel issues I said yes but he never elaborated on this as I never actually saw him the waiting list was so long with covid that I saw a stand in rheumatologist so much info was thrown at me at once I forgot to mention it I'm going to next time I see them x

        2. @@ ridding the diet of inflammatory foods is fine, as long as the traditional meds used for RA are not eliminated.
          I believe the incidence of concurrent RA and bowel disease are coincidental. One doesn't cause the other.

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