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Rheumatoid Arthritis

Hey everyone,

My sister has RA it started in January this year. She took some English medicine in the early stages, but the pain still persisted. She has been on Ayurvedic treatment since May.

The RA factor was around 117 in May and now it is 17. However, the pain is still there and it fluctuates on daily basis.

Can any of you suggest what she should do? She is just 34 years of age. She is now currently in India undergoing Ayurvedic treatment.


  1. Hello Sanjay! I am not a doctor but I have had RA since I was a baby. It was a juvenile form of RA and was very devastating and crippling. Diet changes help with the pain but they do not cure the disease. Anti-inflammatory medicines help to control the swelling, which is where permanent joint damage occurs. If you keep the inflammation down, you can prevent serious joint damage. I have learned this from my experience. Her doctor can prescribe something perhaps, or simple ibuprofen over the counter can help to control inflammation. As far as diet changes, it helps me to eat all plant-based foods. This helps with inflammation but it does not eradicate the disease, at least it doesn't for me. The rheumatoid factor can fluctuate. I have tested negative for the rheumatoid factor, even while having a serious flare-up. During a better period recently, I tested positive for this factor. This test is not always reliable. The ANA test is more consistent, for which I have alwayes tested positive since my childhood. (It is typical for people with RA to be ANA positive.) I wish you the best and will pray for your sister. My faith in Christ has helped me and strengthened me throughout my whole life with this painful disease. I work as a cyber school teacher and can teach from home, without being in pain from standing and walking all day. I just received June's Featured Employee of the Month. It is important to persevere through the pain and keep active, as this helps both physically and mentally. Hang in there and give my warm regards to your sister!

    1. One more thing, Sanjay.....of course, your sister should check with her doctor before doing anything different. I am speaking of my own experiences and have always checked with my doctor about any major changes.

      1. Hi . gave you some great advice. It is wonderful to hear that Ayurvedic is helping. I have heard great things about that approach. Some people do use other medications along with Ayurvedic treatment in order to prevent progression of the disease, but all medications come with risks of side effects. So that's something your sister will really have to consider. Here is an article about RA treatments that might interest you: You can find out more about each type of medication by clicking on the links within the article. I hope this helps and that your sister gets some relief. Best wishes! - Lori (Team Member)

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