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Rheumatoid arthritis

I also have regular arthritis in both knees, but the right knee is very bad. The shots helped one time for about 3 months and then the second shot did not help. I now had the 3 gel shots in my right knee but I am still feeling pain and the knee is stiff, especially over night while sleeping. The cold and rainy weather seems to really make the knee worse. I was just wondering if it does for others.

  1. I have not had as many joint injections as you describe and none in my knee. However, I have fond that the more, the positive impact declines. so if my first injection got me 80% functionality. my second got me to 65%. By the time I get to number 5 I am only getting about 40% of the functionality

    1. my 3rd shot didn’t help in hip. I have spinal OA, in both hips both knees and I’m fighting against all surgeries, I’m 69 and don’t want my remaining years doing surgeries replacements and recover. My specialty surgeon says my spine is full of OA so I’ll be going down a rabbit hole of fusion after fusion, he is an extremely talented surgeon on spine and hips. I’ve been dealing with RA since 1993 and OA showed up in both knees shortly after and did a clean out of them and I’ve had one laminectomy on my lumbar spine….. those were fairly easy to recover from with good results but it’s gotten so much worse in just the last 5 years and of course have Osteoporosis now as well.
      I know many have good results with surgeries but there are many failed ones also that you don’t really hear a lot about….. I’m just using exercise and nutrition for as long as possible, I use a low level vibration plate and Red light therapy as well and helps a lot but it’s a full time job doing the treatments , also I follow a PT that does treatments for those who are trying to avoid surgeries instead of most of
      PTs do after surgery treatment, he’s very good so that has been great learning the correct exercises for RA OA and Osteoporosis.
      I hope you find something to help your issues, just don’t think surgeries or replacements are the only avenues.

  2. Hi . Are you a candidate for arthroscopy to clean out the joints? It's minimally invasive and the recovery is usually fairly easy. I have osteoarthritis in my hand from a break a few years ago. Rainy weather definitely makes it worse. I hope you get some relief. Best wishes. - Lori (Team Member)

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