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Do I need a rheumatologist to treat me, or just a general practitioner?

All rheumatologist near me are booked for 6 months or more.

  1. Hi Dammy:

    Although some people do have their GP for their RA, it is recommended to have a Rheumatologist since they have been trained specifically for this disease and other arthritis.

    1. Dammy, thank you for reaching out and thanks to 2mra for your input. I’m sure many others will benefit from this question. While we encourage you to see a rheumatologist to get on a proper treatment plan for your RA, we look forward to hearing from the community. You may want to look into this link: Please check back with us and thanks for being a part of this community! All the best, Nina ( Team)

      1. Oh great! Nina found the directory for you. Good idea.

        I also meant to say that you could ask to be put on the Rheumatologists' cancellation list.
        As you know, some patients can't make it to their appointments for whatever reason. The secretary then calls the next person on the cancellation list. This has worked for me on different occasions with other Doctors too. Good luck!

        1. Get in with an RA doc you like.

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