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Rib Clicking/pain

I was diagnosed in May of 19 and am still trying to get my RA under control since we haven’t been able to find the rights meds so far. I’ve been noticing that the ribs on my left side where the costal cartilage and the rib join seems to click and hurt sometimes. It’s more near the bottom of my rib cage. It’s more of a soreness/dull pain rather than acute pain. Currently just ice it rn to help. Was wondering if anyone else has this symptom and if so, what helps?

  1. Hi leah0912,

    Thanks so much for reaching out with your question. Hopefully some others in our online community will be able to share what has helped them. I've been diagnosed for 20 years and ribs are one area of the few areas of my body that has not had RA symptoms, so unfortunately I don't have any helpful suggestions. However, others in our community have written about their experiences with rib pain. You can check out these articles here:

    I wish you all the best as you and your doctor work to find effective treatment. The trial and error involved in finding meds that work can be very frustrating and painful. Please continue to reach out with questions any time you feel so inclined. We also welcome you to share your experiences and update us if you find something that helps your ribs and/or your overall RA symptoms.

    Thank you for sharing,

    1. Hello @Leah0912

      Welcome again to our community/family! I see that one of our Team members Tamara has provided some great information and resources for you.

      This link by my fellow team member, Monica, talks about a condition known as Costochondritis. She describes it as "where the rib cage becomes inflamed".

      I personally do not experience this symptom, however Monica talks about her experiences with it. I'm sure you have already done so, but if you haven't it is always good to let your physician know of any pain symptoms you might be having.

      Best of luck to you on your journey to find the medication that works for you. This in my experience, has been a lengthy process. The great news is that there are a lot of options out there.

      Keep advocating for yourself and please keep us posted on your rib pain, medication journey, and just how you are doing. Thanks for sharing. Your voice matters here!
      Just Keep Swimming... Lynn Marie, "RheumatoidArthritis.Net Team Member"

      1. Thank you so much for the article. Will definitely look into it

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