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Is anyone using Rituximab?

Hi, I'm thinking of starting a treatment called Rituximab. Is any one on this? If so how are you getting on? I've been on methotrexate but can't take it any more

  1. Hi ,

    Others in the community might be able to share their experiences with Rituximab. In the meanwhile, here's more info we have about it: Keep us updated on how you're doing with it if you can!!!


    Kelly, Team Member

    1. Hello! I took Rituxan for a while and it seemed to help. It was a long infusion if I remember. I am not sure if there are various methods to use it. For some reason later on I had severe headaches and was switched to another drug. Good luck to you & hope it helps you to feel better!

      1. Hi, I have infusions of Rituxan approximately every 4 months. The first infusion is 5 hours followed by part 2 in 14 days. Subsequent infusion time is more like 3.5 hours.

        I typically have a headache for 12 hours and a steroid high from the required depomedrol injection.

        But Rituxan is the only drug that seems to be effective for me. So it's fine.

        Good luck and keep trying until you find a better solution.
        Becky Cook

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