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When I was initially diagnosed, I asked my doctor about running with RA. He told me it will not make a difference. I should run if I enjoy it and can tolerate the pain. Recent X rays show bone erosion in my feet! Yikes. I am wondering if running is still okay or if it could make my condition worse.
I'm currently training for a half marathon and afraid this one will be my swan song. This disease is so life changing.

  1. Hi Cheryl, I hate that RA can cause us to make lifestyle changes! Exercise is obviously a good thing. With RA exercise regimens should be carefully considered in consultation with your doctor. Did you talk to your doctor about running after the x-ray showed bone erosion? The erosion is caused by biochemical processes in your body and shouldn't be impacted by exercise. However, exercise that puts a lot of stress on a bone that has erosion could be potentially harmful or painful.

    1. Yes, I talked with my doctor Friday and he pretty much said the same thing. I was happy to hear that running will not accelerate the damage. But I'm feeling so much pain that running isn't enjoyable lately anyway. Big Boo!
      I'm really struggling with this diagnosis. I'm starting Enbrel tomorrow. My doctor is so sure I will soon be feeling well consistently. So, in the meantime, I am going to keep fighting to hang on to one of the things I love. Running!

      1. Cheryl, hang onto to running as long as you are able! That's exciting that you're starting Enbrel and I hope that it works wonders for you and puts that bone erosion into check.

        1. I'm happy that you were planning to half marathon, but my doctor advised me to not do any kind of workout, which causes pain or discomfort. So i started light exercises to stay fit and healthy

          1. Hi samuel34,
            Light exercises are great. It often doesn't take much to keep the body more flexible and mobile. Thank you for sharing.

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