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Scared to death

I am 42 & was diagnosed last yr, after a yr of heart trouble & a ton of Dr visits, I have been on so many drugs plus methotrexate nothing was working. I was unable to continue my job as a cna so I lost my job & my insurance. I stopped all the meds & have been trying natural stuff. But its not working. I feel like I'm laying here waiting to die & I'm terrified. I have 3 grown kids & a grandson & a wonderful man who tries to help. But I'm losing myself. I need advice. I have so much more I wanted to do.

  1. Hi Christy, Very sorry to hear of your struggles and experiences with RA. Unfortunately, for most people the medications and seeing a rheumatologist are truly fundamental in controlling/managing the disease. The earlier and better the RA is controlled, the greater the likelihood of minimizing the long term damage. Is it possible for you to see a rheumatologist and explore treatments? Wishing you the best--Kelly

    1. Thumb Pain no more.
      I don't deserve to live with thumb or big toe even knee pain why should I accept it
      that exactly what i did I beat the severe pain. Arthritis
      plus I beat the pain on the big toe { Gout } and the side red bump sensitive to the touch not even the bad sheet can touch my toe. and the pain was digging on my knee all i got is a painkiller in defrece level. At this point I did depend on myself. All that happened the last seventeen months I did found working remedy . used this remedy as shut in dark and I hit the target. got the pain out of my way. thank to the web has ocean of information on it. now I’m pain free with confidence. i’m offering these pain free sample just ask for it.

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