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I went to see my sister

Hi to all,

I went to see my sister who is ill in hospital on her birthday and she wouldnt communicate with me so i spoke with the doctors and went to go for the bus but it was a massive walk to the bus stop and then my other bus didnt come either so i had to get on the 120 that took me halfway home and walk the rest of the way home as the hubby didnt tax car in time so selfish

I am in a lot of pain from too much walking & my gp will not perscribe sleeping tablets i cannot go to sleep without them.


  1. What a rough day! Sleep is a big problem with RA. It makes everything worse!!! I know I’ve struggled with it. Personally, I’ve tried to avoid prescription sleep meds because I’m afraid that after awhile they won’t work or I will need more. But there are times I feel desperate for sleep and do take them for 2 nights in a row. Amazingly, some of the sleep habits recommended have helped me. I really wasn’t interested in trying them before. Bedtime routine - I set a reminder on my phone to turn off electronics, fix a cup of tea, then brush my teeth and wash my face - I’m trying to teach my brain that these are cues to get ready for sleep. If I am in pain, I have acetaminophen with the tea. I imagine the warm tea helping it dissolve and move through my body. I have found some gentle music at my bedside helps - currently loving George Winston’s Montana. If after awhile, sleep is still a fight, I get out of bed and rest on the floor with my knees bent and feet on the bed or legs up the wall in waterfall pose. I don’t know why, but it helps me!

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