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You Know You Have RA When ...

Janeil details 31 experiences of living with RA that may help you and others feel less alone: (

What other experiences would you add to the list? Add yours below!

  1. You know about the other auto-immune conditions that often accompany RA like fibromyalgia and Sjögren’s disease.

    1. Thanks for commenting. That's something that is very true for many here. Do you have a secondary condition in addition to RA? For others who may be interested in reading about Sjogrens Syndrome, in addition to speaking with their doctor, this article may be helpful: Best, Kelly, Team Member

    2. I have both fibromyalgia and Sjögren’s as well as severe RA

  2. go to bed at night with the usual body pains and wake up the next morning with a level 10 pain in your jaw and can onlly open your mouth about 1/2".

    1. you wake up and walk around for an hour and yet you are pretty sure you are still in bed. Or at least should be.

      1. …your right knee says no, and so does your left hip….

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