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Simponi without Methotrexate vs Humira or Enbrel

Hello all, My 80 year old father was diagnosed a few months ago with seronegative RA. He was on Leflunomide with prednisone for a few months. He had tremendous improvement but as dr weaned him off steroids pain returned with inflammation. She originally said she would put him on Humira or Enbrel. I'm not sure exactly what happened but my Dad's dental hygienist told him she was on Simponi for RA, he asked dr about it and it is now sitting in his frig awaiting his appointment in October. He is not afraid of giving himself injections so I don't know why Simponi (without Methotrexate) would be a better option for him. He is feeling overwhelmed because he never intended to tell the dr what medication to put him on, he just asked about it. I have not seen any information on effectiveness of Simponi without methotrexate for RA. Is it just as effective as Humira or Enbrel? From reading online, it seems like an unlikely choice for a firstline biologic, especially without Methotrexate. Is it's safety profile better? Any info is appreciated.

  1. Hi pmw148, Thank you for reaching out. Sorry to hear about your father's recent diagnosis. It's great that you are researching and advocating for him. I'd encourage you (and your father) to bring your treatment questions to his doctor. His doctor should be explaining the rationale behind the choice and explaining all the options. In addition to speaking with the doctor, these articles may be helpful:
    Biologics Treatment Options:
    Wishing you both the best, please let us know any questions you have. Best, Kelly, Team Member

    1. Simponi is better, I have found I still need Methotrexate, but much less. Simponi is better, and I think I am on a high dose. Methotrexate by itself is hard to handle, the side effects. It would make me totally sick for two days, not good.

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